Friday, February 7, 2014

Man, I have GOT to get it together . . . .

Lots been happening, both to your Unknown Cashier and around the store itself.

Where we left off:

"I'm getting ready to go and also getting pissed and grab my things to throw in a bag; and put a knitting needle right between the first and second finger of my right hand. It only went in a half inch or so, and it hurt but didn't bleed. That sort of had me concerned but what the heck and besides the cab is here."

I try to make it bleed on the way there and at various times throughout the evening. I kept wiping it with the antiseptic sheets we have at each register.

I get home from a harrowing day and go to bed dead tired. The next morning as I am getting dressed I notice this line up my arm. But also I see a wide red line heading towards the elbow. I know what it is so off to emergency with my hand having little spider lines of red radiating away from the hand, and the one large one heading to the north.

THAT one concerns me. I was taken in my Mr. Unknown Cashier, and I told him it best to go to work and I'd call him if anything untoward happens. I waited around a little while but when they do come in to see me, I'm told right off the bat that its blood poisoning. Rather then keep me there they hook me up to an IV line. This is controlled by a pump that delivers the correct dosage over a few days. I had to change the bags myself when they were empty, but that wasn't too bad. That went on for three days and then I had to switch to oral antibiotics for another ten days.

* * * * * 

So, as to the store:

Not sure what they are up to there. The cashiers get trained and then stay for a couple of months or so. When the young ones find out that it is work they seem to want nothing to do with it. No, this does not, by any means, include everyone nor all young people.

Too many of them stand at the register for only a few minutes at a time. Then they go wandering off somewhere, sometimes to return items, other times to socialize. I don't know how many times I have looked up to find myself the only cashier there. It really is annoying when they crouch down so they don't get seen. Sorry, they may fall for it but I don't. I'll just send you a customer.

Other times I see them texting and drinking various fluids (which were NOT supposed to be  allowed).

I really feel like this store is on its last legs. They don't seem to care. I mean really care. The mood in the store seems to be more forlorn than anything. Like waiting for the other shoe to drop. Something's in the air but no one knows what. Now, this is MY opinion but that's what it feels like. Customers are having to wait longer, we have lost a lot of loyal customers. I'm sure that is because of the waiting in line when you are on your way home from work.

More later.....

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This Old Guy said...

As someone who also works in retail i can relate.