Saturday, February 26, 2011

How cool is this ????? !!!!!!

I just found another cashier blog! She has 207 followers ! ! ! !

She has had her blog a shorter time than I have but she has more than 4 times the followers.

I wonder if part of it is the fact that she doesn't pull any punches and seems just a tad more aggressive (?) than I am?

Here's a short, unedited quote:

"And before any of you say "But she's a paying customer too!", I've made it pretty clear before that I don't consider lottery customers real customers. Lottery sucks.

Anyways, for the past few weeks I've noticed that she will wait at the coffee counter until it starts to get busy in the store, and then will race up to the register to play her tickets. She does this

Now, since she's a fellow cashier, I don't want to be a bitch to her, but I can only come to the conclusion that she hates me for some reason. Either that or she reads this blog.

Which means that it will now be war. I may be lazy, but I'm not too lazy to go into her store and take up her precious cashiering time. And I'm sure I can be WAY more obnoxious than she is. I was born to annoy.

I'll first have to find out exactly which store she works at. Once I find that out, it's on. I'll just have to get some supplies together, some of which include a wrench and a midget blow-up doll. "

and another one:

"Every year my father plows some of the customer's driveways when the snow gets really bad. He does this because these people have been customers for years.

I don't understand why people get so pissy about needing their driveway snowplowed. Do it your fucking self. Don't call me at 3am and expect things to get done. And these are the same fucks that come in and cause me problems about the gas prices. They use the line that they "know the owner" thinking that will intimidate me.

I hope next year he quits snowplowing for these assholes. I'm tired of dealing with them."

I'm in love ! ! ! ! Maybe I should start talking like that?

* * * * *

So, do you remember the day I had the lady that was all pi$y because I didn't throw the lady in front of her out of my express line for having nine items? (see post:

YAY, I finally got one ! ! ! ! )


Thursday I stopped into the store to get my schedule and pick up a few items that were on sale. As I approach the bakery from the back of the store I hear this grating voice and knew instantly who it was. She's up front giving the cashier the business. Seems she had too many items for express and was sent to another line. There were only two cashiers at the time, express and regular.

She is bitching about the fact that she got turned out of the line for having too many. Then.... she sees me. She starts up with "And that's the one that let someone with nine items stay in the line the last time I was here." She says this at her usual annoying, loud voice and in front of several customers who looked at me and rolled their eyes.

I said: (and maybe this was poor judgment on my part, but, I was on my own time.) "Don't start with me."

She gets all pi$y again and starts going on about 'is that any way to talk to a customer?' And 'look at how I'm treated!' And 'I want to talk to the manager.'

Fine by me. (crazy old bat). Doesn't the manager come up and unfortunately I didn't hear what was said. I did end up having to be in the same line, fourth customer back. She starts to address me across the other customers and I just stared at her. When she finally left I talked to the cashier a bit about why she was so ticked.
She is probably going to be another one that I may not serve any more. Its either that or I tell her right off the bat to behave or I'll get her removed from the store.

Apparently, it wasn't okay for me to talk to her the way I did but its okay for her to harass my customers and myself?????????

* * * * *

So should I change up my way of writing or leave the real nasty stuff to "Confessions of a Cashier" ? ? ?

She sort of has the equivalent of a 'spitting in your coffee' attitude.

Next time: Mr Clean Freak

Friday, February 11, 2011

What the €%*+ is your problem???

I really like working in the beginning of the day. But not when a certain co-worker is on. Well, she was there today and it was okay. At first.

If you're one of the first cashiers in, the trays could still be in the office. So you stop at the office and check. I did that this morning and because I'm on audit I knew I had to sign something. I was told to go to 5. Knew that was okay. I stop at customer service to look for the slip to sign, (you sign when you take the tray and when you give it back) and there isn't one there. No biggie, I knew no one else had been on the register. So I start working and everything is good. I run out of customers and because I know they will jump on you if you're not 'busy', I grabbed my cloth and cleaner and started to clean some of the surfaces that don't get done often.

I then get a customer and while I'm doing his order, I notice that co-worker comes out and talks to another (superior to me) co-worker. Next thing I know 2nd co-worker is telling me that when I get done with that customer could I put some of the spices or candies out. (restock shelves) Sure, says I. I got so far as to pick up a box of Tic Tac and get all of three feet when a customer comes up. I serve him and then they just kept coming. The box made it all the way from register 7 to register 6.

I never did get back to it. I know who wanted me to do restock. I guess because I showed initiative and was making myself busy we had to find something else for me to do. WHATever!!

Time passes and its getting close to my break. Now, I like to have my break as far past halfway as I can. It makes the day go faster. They like you to have it halfway through, but I don't remind them unless I am really hurting and need to sit for a while. Or if its a time of the day when we have a few more cashiers in and break times have to be co-ordinated.

As I said I'm not too worried about it and I'm working along with about three items to scan when I hear the printer make a funny sort of noise. It tells me that its out of paper. I look inside and it has almost a full roll. So I reset the roll, close the lid and wait for the sound it makes when its ready. No sound!!??

I try it again and it is making a noise like the head is running back and forth. That's not normal. So I look inside, again, and think maybe its the roll. I tried a brand new roll and it made its happy sound. I thought we were up and running so I continue to scan but keeping an eye on it. Now it is taking a lllllooooonnnnngggg time to process each function. It would scan, then it would print part of the item, then the next part, then the total. These things usually happen within a second for each item. But now its taking more than ten seconds to do each step. I get through the gentleman's order and ask him if he needs his receipt. Thank heaven he says no. I finally get his receipt about two minutes later. I call head cashier and explain the problem, told her I did all the things necessary that should have got it working but that it isn't and its making a noise like I've never heard before.

She comes out and fiddles with it a minute and then tells me to try it again.

I start the next customer and and it is still sick. The printer head is running back and forth, again, for each step that the computer is making. Unfortunately it is not able to do more than one thing at a time. Head cashier told me I'd have to reboot it. I was hoping that it would remember the items if I scanned a few of them in a row. It wouldn't, so I have to do one item, wait, the next item, wait, etc. The lady is being very patient but says to me that she is on her lunch (but she realizes that its not my fault and just has a 'why did this have to happen now' look on her face).

I had already closed down because this wasn't going to be a fast fix. I went to the office and asked head cashier if I should take my break as there is downtime while it reboots. She tells me to move to number three for now, until the other cashier's break is done and they'll try to fix it. Other cashier says she'll be done in a few minutes. Fine by me; the more time that goes by before break is less time to work after.

Sure enough, get through a few customers and its break time. YAY ! ! ! ! !

Come back and its still not a happy computer even after a reboot. I get to stay on three and I'm working away having a good time with customers as always. Get to a blank spot for maybe five seconds, and then I see a customer at the entrance to my register. Suddenly, I am paged to pick up the white phone (like the bat phone but not as adventurous). I do so and I am told that "if I don't have a customer, can I do something?"

I said "I have a customer right now!!!!"

"well . . . . . . keep busy."


Which is what lead to the title of this entry.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Something I forgot

This is a continuation of 'Full Moon last week???? Don't THINK so!'

When I was writing it I knew there was something I was forgetting.

This is from that blog:

"I end up sending the customer off with head cashier to do all the math again, with a calculator and see what is going on. Mainly it was to make sure the man got the correct bill. I move on to the next customer and every thing is fine for a the rest of the shift. Few odd people, but they are there all the time anyway."

That's actually wrong. The customer after the '2 for 1' guy was okay, but the next one was a wingnut AKA the crazy collie lady. Now mind you the dog is in beautiful condition and she hardly ever forgets to take him home with her. But she is a weird customer. She once came to the store on a very hot day and tied the dog up outside, in the shade, but still he shouldn't have been brought that far on a day like that. She bought some ice cream and a few other things and left the store.

One of the girls came in and mentioned the collie out front. I said "you're kidding, she left an hour ago! ! ! ! ! !

We were wondering what to do. We gave him water and then waited. She did return later. She said she went to get some ice cream and suddenly realized she left the dog at the store. I don't think she's a bad owner, but someone who is a little forgetful. One of the things she does that really drives me crazy is her way of just asking the weirdest questions. I'll still be dealing with another customer and she is already asking me to compare the prices of two items so she knows which one to get.

Anyway, this day she hears the problem I am having with the 2 for 1 customer, She says in a pretty loud tone "I'd better make sure to check my bill". I ignored her because I was still dealing with the customer in front of her. NOW, its her turn. I ask if she wants bags, she says "no", so I put the stuff on the back for her to bag.

She looks at the register and says " see, you did it again." WTF???!!!! I look and see that it is again something that is a buy one get one deal. I said "I didn't do it, the machine did. "

"Well, you scanned it."

So, what, I held my wrist funny??????

Anyway, we get it sorted out and she is talking about how many times this may have happened in the past. (insert a scream that would be me wringing her neck and her trying to breathe."

After HER, it was an okay shift.