Monday, September 29, 2014

What's new at the store

This post was originally to be published in mid December of 2013. Due to various tests etc in preparation for my second knee replacement, it got missed.

So yesterday I show up for work and there are about five buggies lined up at the customer service desk and they're full of bread and crackers and all kinds stuff. Turns out that there's a show going on at one of the centres near us and they chose our store to buy supplies. They had been in the night before two or three times, morning and in the afternoon. And last night when I was there they came in one more time and thus ended up spending over $9000 on groceries in two days.

They bought napkins as well as water, several cases of pop, several bags of chips, fruit trays, vegetable trays; all kinds stuff to host a party. I'm not sure who they were feeding but they had morning stuff and they had afternoon stuff and they had nighttime stuff.

I heard that that pretty well-made our sales for the whole week so I hope that bodes well for the store.

The rumors going around are still unclear. We're still not sure what's going to happen to us. The other stores in the area don't know what's happening, it would be nice to hear what the results will be when all is said and done. By other stores I do mean ones in our chain and not the enemy.

No one knows whether our store is going to be one of the ones to close or to be converted to another type of store. The good news is according to the scuttlebutt, the property our store sits on is owned by the company. It's a rather large piece of property so it's valuable and it can probably hold a couple of apartments, or a row of town homes, or a strip mall. It doesn't make any sense for them to sell the property just yet or to get rid of the store.

We'll find out what happens. But it seems like everything else that happens in the industry will probably be the last second, and we'll be the last to know AND it will be a surprise to us.

* * * * *

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to go into the store with any kind of enthusiasm. Some of the people that I work with can be kind of a pain. That's to be expected at almost any place you work though it is always harder working with women. For some reason they think they have to shoot somebody down, or be catty or whatever it is that women think they should do. They are such a pain to work with at times.

* * * * *

This part is written September 29, 2014: 

What does any one gain by putting someone down?

What does someone gain, by yelling at you in front of your peers AND customers about something inconsequential or even worse something important?

I walked into work on a Monday morning to be told: "You took a U.S. $50.00 bill on Saturday!"

WTF ? ? ? ? 

First off, I know that what was meant was that I took it in as payment, but to any of the customers standing nearby, it would sound like I stole it.

What really pissed me off was the fact that, not only did I NOT take a foreign bill of that amount, (as we are not to take anything over a $20.00), but that I was accused of it and then when confronted, told "I didn't accuse you of it."

Did you EVER think of asking me? Did you ever think that because someone wrote a 'note' saying I did it that it must be true?

I mean, shit, I've worked there for seven years!!! I think I've learned one or two things along the way.

And if nothing else, at least some respect.

Why I hate Rutabagas

Its only fair to keep your workplace clean. I mean people are buying food that they plan on consuming. And, yes, its theirs and how they handle it is their business. But, technically, its ours until they pay. That being said, we should always maintain as clean a surface as possible if for no other reason than it makes the belt and your immediate area look like you give a damn.

I, personally, think it disgusting when I go to buy my groceries and the work space, conveyer belt especially, is messy looking. And heaven only knows what stains those are!?

Spots on the belt and the scale drive me nuts. Milk is bad most meat and fish liquid should be wiped up ASAP. Luckily those are easy to clean up. But rutabagas. Some one had the bright idea to apply wax to those things.

I have a brand new, high tech, ultra sensitive scale for weighing produce on. Rutabagas always behave very nicely on the belt, but put one of those creatures on the scale and if it moves in the slightest, you have a wax mark on the glass. I know what it is, but the customer doesn't. So it becomes my mission to get that wax off there. It looks terrible from my side, and hopefully not as bad from their angle. But wax doesn't come off well with the types of cleaners provided for us to use.

We need Elbow Grease. It takes a lot of it, but it will still work.

Eventually. (thus the title)