Monday, March 19, 2012

SOME People I Work With

Just what it says in the title, some people I work with.

I have worked with several young ladies that when they have left I have really missed them. They were good workers, nice to customers, had respect for my age and experience and found me easy to talk to.

I don't exactly have a daughter. I have a son who I guess must be doing all right as he doesn't  call anymore. I guess that's a good thing.

SO, anyway, as much as I don't want kids around me 24/7 I do like dealing with the babies in the store and chatting with them. I also really enjoy the students, both high school and university level. They are an interesting bunch of people. You see some come through and leave you with the impression that they are just passing time at this school thing. Then there are others I hear come through and they're talking about some pretty serious subjects. Its annoying, really, because they aren't there long enough for me to talk with them about the subject they're interested in.

One young man makes a point of going through my register the days that I am there and I asked him what he wants to study in university. He is going for history of the western world. I asked him if that will include the U.S. Civil War. He said he hopes so and I was interested in that! ! ! !

I am fascinated by that portion of American History and can never learn enough. But we only ever get about two sentences together. I'd love to pick his mind. Such a nice, polite, young man.

Then there's the university one that came through and I found that he was studying genetics.

Another topic I am fascinated with. To the point that when I bred rabbits I was doing cross breeding to get the most meat on them. I had to keep two breeds of purebreds and then cross them to get first generation vigour. I'd end up with babies that grew pretty fast to killing weight in a decently short time, which is what most farmers are aiming for.

I would have loved to talk 'turkey' with him.

Then there is this one girl I work with. I have a great deal of affection for her and would love to have her as a life long friend. I would love it if I somehow had some influence on who she turns out to be. She has the coolest sense of humour and she talks to me not only as an equal but as a peer.

We updated some electronics and she didn't have this device. So, as I now had a spare I gave it to her. She was all embarrassed about having it given to her, but pleased as well, and came up with some jokes about it to cover her delight.

Doesn't fool me for a second. I don't know that I 'love' her but I sure as heck like her a whole lot. She is like the daughter I never had.

I love to bake and hardly a week goes by that I am not taking some kind of treat into work. Well, I found out that she LOVES coconut macaroons. I had this new recipe I tried and she fell in love with it. So I made her a batch of her own and the next thing I know she is wanting to pay for ingredients.

How neat is that. She is such a responsible young lady and I adore her. It will break my heart when it comes time for her to move on. I've had other people around here that I have missed terribly, but she's different. She has the quirkiest sense of humour.

And quick!!!!???

Anyway, sorry Happy Girl and Smart Girl. But I don't hear from you anymore even though I still have the silly notes you wrote me stuck to my fridge. As I was saying, sorry, but you've been replaced in that little space in my heart. (yes, I actually have a heart)

Okay, not replaced, but definitely shoved to towards the back.

Later, all ! ! ! ! !