Thursday, January 8, 2015

So the question is . . . . Again. Where have you been?

Had the tests done, got the x-rays, pre-op completed, doctors consulted, poked , prodded and what have you.

Had my left knee replaced on Tuesday February 18th, 2014. All went well and was dismissed on Saturday the 21st. Then re-admitted on Wednesday February 26th when I came down with a massive infection in that leg. I was in rough shape. I ended up having a Pic line inserted which takes the antibiotics right into the heart for faster dispersal.

I was only going to be on the device originally for 6 weeks. Ended up carrying around a pump and having to have a nurse come to the house for almost 3 months ! ! ! !

But in spite of everything I survived. I was in danger of having to have the device removed, being packed with antibiotics right on the bone, then another joint put in. And if that didn't work I was in danger of losing my leg.

Work hard at recovery? You Betcha ! ! ! ! ! !

My first day back at work was July 29th. A total of 23 weeks off work. Most of it dealing with that infection. I still have not got the ALL clear, but where I was seeing him every other week to check up on it and weekly blood tests etc., it has now been since the end of August that I saw the surgeon and still don't see him until the 4th of March.


* * * * *
Work has been work. I came back to a new computer system which although probably good I still have some misgivings about it. It seems to me to be better for the store but not the cashier or the customer. What used to take two or three keystrokes can now take as many as eight to do the same thing. Plus the scales can't seem to keep up with our keying in.

Also have had several suggestions from customers that they would like to see a cash only lane, especially, an express one. Good idea and I'll try to bring it up to someone at the store, but its like talking to a wall sometimes. They are big whigs and what could a lowly cashier know about running a store?

I firmly believe we have got to start putting our efforts into customer service. The large store near us is more expensive and doesn't seem to treat their customers very well. WE can fill that niche of excellent service by treating them better and most importantly getting them out of the store fast when they are done shopping.

We are always told that the cashier is the last person they see. And to abide by the ten foot rule (customer within 10', greet and smile). That's all well and good but if they stand in line forever because we don't have enough cashiers or because the ones we do have working are wandering around somewhere and not at their registers.

There is far too much of that going on in my opinion. Especially on express. That lane is to be kept open at all times! You can wander a little way away but you must be there for a customer.

And then I heard the other day that this new (again) boss thinks that there are too many hours on the front end ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ? ? ? ? ?