Monday, May 3, 2010

A Rabbi and a Priest go into a grocery store...

Seriously, yesterday I drew the first cashier shift so it put me at work for 7 AM!!! Only had to go until 1:30 but its a longer shift than I like to do, mainly because its hard on the knees. Also, being on cash one there is no place to put a foot up to take some pressure off the back.

Anyway, about 3/4 of an hour into the shift comes the Rabbi. I really like this man. He is so sweet and he does a lot of cooking for his synagogue. He was buying a bunch of interesting stuff. I asked him what was going on and he said he was getting ready to cook a brunch for 120 people he doesn't even know. Then he said they probably won't appreciate it either. I had to chuckle. He is sometimes very serious and you can't kid with him but this time he started the fun. We ended up agreeing to arrange to get arrested and go to the jail my brothers work at in order to get preferential treatment. He was okay with that as long as they kept him for the weekend and confiscated his cell phone.

Not two hours later my line up is as noisy as usual when it suddenly gets sort of quiet. I look up to see a Priest standing there. What I also noticed is that everyone sort of changed attitude. They were subdued and polite, like they were afraid to say anything. Amazing what a white collar can do to a crowd.

It wasn't until I got home last night that I realized how close I was to hitting the trifecta and having the perfect joke. Where is a minister when you need one?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

People are weird and ...? Yeah, just weird.

We had boneless, skinless chicken breast on special a week ago. Had a lady come through and as I go to put the chicken in a small plastic bag (so as to prevent any transfer from chicken to other products) I notice a slight tear in the package. I mentioned it to her and asked if she wanted to get another one. She said it may have ripped on the buggy but she'll take it and repack it at home.

I thought, okay, I wouldn't but what the heck. So I go to put it down to get a little bag and notice as its sitting on the scale that it doesn't weigh what the label says it should weigh. I tell her and she says well I won't take it then.

I put it aside and continue with her order making small talk about how someone may have ripped it open and stolen one. Weird???? Yes but I have learned to expect anything when it comes to stealing. Just in my general conversation as I was bagging I commented on how we've had people stealing all sorts of things. She asked me if that happens a lot. I told her yeah, that we've had people steal pay for a tube of toothpaste and then walk out with two more 99 cent tubes in their jacket and get caught. As I get to the end of her order, she says she'll take it anyway. I asked if she was sure and she said she was. So I packed it up for her to take and charged her what the label said.

I am still wondering what the story was behind that chicken breast. There is no way in hell I would have taken that package. It looked suspicious. The lady behind her commented that her package also had the same number of breasts in it but I pointed out that hers was also a couple of dollars cheaper and didn't have a hole in the packaging.

Do you think maybe my customer was silly enough to think she was paying less by taking the breast out and just paying for 4 instead of five? And that the fifth one was in a small bag in her purse? HMMmmmmm

* * * * *

Had a new customer that told me it was his first time in the store today. I said "wow, and you got stuck with me for a cashier!!" He said he liked the store but it was me that will bring him back. :-)

* * * * *

As I walked in the store the other day a lady looked at me and my name tag and she says "YOU!!!".
I said "I didn't do it."
She says yes you did.

"Then, I hope I was supposed to do it."

She said yes, that it was her son that was always talking about this cashier and that she had been in the store and gone through my register. She remembered my name and asked her son if that was me. He said "Yes, she's my favourite cashier and I always go through her line. She always comments about how healthy I eat!"

My hubby is amazed that someone has a 'favourite' cashier.

The next day doesn't he see this story on CNN about a man who had a favourite cashier and always went through her line. One day he commented that she looked tired and it turned out she was on dialysis and she needed a kidney. He had the testing done and found he was compatible with her. They went ahead with it.

Just a little something for my customers to remember. Just in case, you know.

* * * * *

Today, was quiet at first and then started to pick up. The students in the area are moving. Some moving out, some in, some to another place down the street. So we had so much cleaning stuff leaving the store, today. I bet the shelves are nearly empty. PLUS, we had a "buy one, get one of equal or lesser value" sale on a LOT of stuff. One couple left with $180.00 (CDN) of groceries, etc. and EVERYTHING was a twofer. So she actually took home about $360.00 worth of stuff.

Those sales make for busy days. I just hope they never get the idea to have a sale like this over Easter weekend.