Friday, February 20, 2009

Quick message for today

For all those customers that have mentioned how nice it is that I am always so cheerful have a look at this 'news' story.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick posting

Well, I was relieved yesterday to see my elderly gentleman. He was in getting a few things and went through another register (I was on express and had a huge line up). I was so happy to see him and told him I had been worried about him. He always smiles at me and remembers my name. How cool is that??!!!

Anyway he was asking me where the Valentine's candy was. Turns out he was hoping to score some little cinnamon hearts. So guess what I'm going to get for him today?

Also, I got to chase away a customer with too many items. I just happened to catch them walking up to my counter and asked if that was 8 items. They looked at me like I was purple and I explained that this was express AND rush hour. They still seemed to think there was something terribly wrong with me but chose to go to another cashier.

Wise decision.

And one last little mention about express. I have this lady that I am acquainted with purely from a cashier/customer point of view. She is always pleasant but has tried twice to take advantage of the fact that she thinks I'm a friend to sneak through with a few more than 8 eight items. The first time she asked and I said okay only because I wasn't busy. I told her that too. She knew it wasn't quite right because of the fact that she asked me and knew she had too many.

The second time was one day last week. I look up from finishing with one customer and see that she already has everything on the counter and it looked like a lot. Our machine counts the items you scan so I knew the total at the end of her order. There were 24 items. Sorry, but that is FOUR times what express is meant for. She never said anything about having too many and I didn't say anything because I didn't want to make her look any worse than she was already appearing to the other customers.

You may know me and I may be nice and all but this is still a store and I run express. The idea of express is to get people with small orders through, FAST.

I will NOT put up with her or anyone else trying that again. GRRROOOOWWWWWLLLL

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Customers (Like I haven't used this title before)

So over the past few days it has been quite busy (not counting yesterday which was Family Day).

I was on express one night and had one of my regular customers chase away someone who may be going to college but hasn't learned to count yet. This guy pulls up to the lane with a buggy FULL of items.My customer asked him if they were all his. He says yes and my customer says that's too many. The guy looks at him with a blank look on his face so my customer again says its too many items. This is express and points to the sign. The guy looks at the sign like it probably means something, what he's not sure, but finally wanders off to another register. THANK YOU to the regular customer and I was sure to tell him that. I wish more customers would speak up.

Later that day I have two people in line and a man standing at the end of my lane looking at a newspaper. He had it held up in front of him. I can't see his face but as I'm looking he lowers the paper, looks at me over the top and then raises the paper again. I thought I was going to die laughing. I know he was looking to see the progress of the line but I HAD to ask.

"Are you a spy?"
The next customer starts laughing because he realized what I meant. The 'spy' looks confused and says "No, why?". I explained it to him. When he realized what I meant he started to chuckle. Not that funny in the telling but it was hysterical at the time.

Then another day, different register, this customer starts by ranting about the little angle thingy we have at the end of the belt. The belt used to be straight all the way through, but a part of the scale now sticks out so someone thought it would be brilliant to put in this stupid attachment that narrows the belt down for the last ten or twelve inches. Some customers realize what will happen as the groceries move along but most don't. I am constantly watching for eggs to not get squished or having to free up log jams or to catch items that will pop up and end up on the floor.

So anyway this customer starts to explain to me that this is a stupid thing to do and list all the reasons why. Okay, Now THAT'S something I never thought of. I listen a little and start to agree. As I'm ringing through and bagging his groceries, he starts in with "fill the bags up, I know other people can't carry that much but I'm capable of lifting it. I can lift a lot of weight."

Well you know, that's just peachy, except the bags are pretty crappy and I, personally think you're asking for a problem, but hell, I'm only a cashier and been doing this for what, 40 YEARS!!!

I now have fifteen full 28oz cans in the bag and he adds more. What ever. I actually found it fun to just cram stuff in with no regard as to how it would make it to the car. He repacked a lot of it because I didn't have it done right. As in not enough in the bags. I still put the bread and eggs separate because I think they are the most fragile but he added more to those bags too. I didn't watch. I told him he'd end up in the blog for sure. Hope I don't see him again anytime soon. Eyes were just a little too wild for my liking.

The good side of customers:
I now have three older ladies that say it is such a pleasure coming through my register because I am always so cheerful (insert cheek pinch here), and they love to see a familiar face and I make them feel good.

And I haven't seen my elderly gentleman lately. He's the one that always buys two cans of beans for the Food Share and reminds me of my Dad. I hope he's okay. I know his wife isn't well and the last time I saw him he was so thin.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Another reason why I LOVE my job

Last night must have been my fan club meeting and I didn't know it. Maybe they were on a field trip to see me perform in person.

I had customers that I have served in the past, that went through other registers and stopped to say hi and ask how I was doing. I had a lot of my regular express aisle people come through that were saying they love it when I am working because I am always in a good mood. One of my standard answers to that is that its the drugs, I'm just not sure if its the cheap ones or the expensive ones.

Then, there is the president of my fan club, Golden Grahams girl. We met a few months ago, again, just by her coming through my line. I said something, I don't remember what and she became an instant fan. In fact I think she's secretly the president of my fan club, but I'll pretend I don't know. She goes out of her way to come through my line and has said that when she stops in the store after a rough day she hopes that I am working as I always make her feel better. Last night, I looked up to see her in my line and she was so excited that I was working. There was a head cashier and a customer service cashier at the service counter, which is right next to the express aisle. They saw her reacting to me being there and said that "my fans" were here. Head cashier even said "I can see people putting one item back so they can come through my register. They'll be standing there saying 'Gee, I really need this bread but then I'll have nine items'."

They got a real kick out of Graham Cracker Girl and my other admirers.

I do too, really.

It makes this job SO worthwhile. I really want to thank the HEAD head cashier for hiring me two years ago this coming April.

Monday, February 9, 2009


You know I talk a lot about the customers and the weird or inconsiderate people I work with. But I rarely mention those that are dependable and fun.

Miss Sterling - has more seniority than I do and is such a treat to work with. Very smart, down to earth, considerate, great with customers and personnel, responsible and dependable. I am very glad when I get to work with her as she puts customers through very fast yet is polite and courteous to them. Plus she is such a smart young thing. I would adopt her if possible.

Miss Congeniality - Another one I love to work with. She has the same work ethic as myself and I think we make a great team. A little closer to my age which helps a lot. Is so good with the customers and willing to help when needed.

Miss Effervescent - is just that. Always in a great mood, loves to kid with the customers, very helpful and a fast worker. (another to adopt)

Then there are:

Miss Speedy - very fast with customers, and very helpful as well. Terrific personality on that girl. Great work ethic.

The Governess - this is not to be construed as meaning that she is older or bossy. Just that she has taken care of people in the past and still does to a certain extent. She is another one great with customers and has a great work ethic.

Miss Friendly - living and going to school in the area she knows most of the teachers and a lot of the students. Customers really like her.

Miss Trustworthy - Came later to the store but is working out very well. She has a good grasp of the situation and doesn't let anyone push her around. She is very helpful and loves customers. (well, most of them, as do we all)

Head Cashier - by necessity, covers at least six people. It depends who's on duty. I find them all great people to work with and have a great deal of respect for them. A great deal.

It takes all these people to outweigh The Princess, The CFH and The Unreliable One.

PS. I have just added a new link for a Blue Rodeo Tribute band. This is a band my husband plays in and I'd love to hear what you have to say about the music.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just a quickie (which I did NOT get at the store I went to)

Just came from a store that is owned by our company, but under a different name. Stood in line for the longest time. There were 4 registers running. Of those four, two were trainees, one girl was working very hard and one girl was looking like she may have the same condition that the Princess has.

The trainees: okay, I understand they have to learn sometime, but they should be pulled off until you can get the lines down.

The manager came over and paged "all cashiers to the front please". That was a waste of time. No one came out and he went back to doing what he was doing. I left my groceries there and walked out of the store.

Being a cashier myself, I have to deal with lines all the time. BUT when we have cashiers training we also will have them wait while we can clear the crowds out and then let them get back to it. Its not fair to make the customers wait.

I was not impressed and most of the customers waiting were older people so I feel it was very unfair to them. Train first thing in the morning or have someone with them that can jump on another register. Having 50% of your work force being learners seems like a dumb idea.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Princess Update

Apparently she was 'talked to' by the powers that be, AND a union rep was in the room. Not sure what that means (did she call him in or did they?)

She was looking pretty miserable for the times I could see here this afternoon. Luckily that wasn't too often as she was behind me. It seems that she PO'd a customer and they complained about her attitude, her lack of caring, her failure to greet them, her bad handling of their food, and probably a few other things.

You'd think that she would have made an effort to be nice tonight, but no, she was still sucking on those lemons and they must be pretty sour from the scowl on her face. Glad she was behind me.

Why didn't I have a Camera?

So here I am working away on Saturday. We were really busy. I guess a lot of people having Super Bowl parties. When you are THAT busy you sort of glance at each customer but tend to focus on the groceries and speed. So I am sailing along at a good speed, and I do sort of look up at the next customer.

Well.... I nearly got whiplash with the double take I did. The next customer was wearing a full length white furry coat with fake leopard spots on it and fur about four inches long. He had the hat, the ear phones plugged in, the dressy pants and a snazzy shirt. I thought I was seeing things. Of course you have to pretend that all is normal. He has the head bobbing to the music and I just rang the groceries through. Comes time to ask for the Air Miles card and he's not paying any attention to me. So I ask him again a little louder. Well doesn't the bobbing and weaving stop; he fixes me with a glare as he pulls one earphone jack out.
I asked again if he had Air Miles. "No." Now this response was accompanied by a look that could have killed me if I wasn't immune.

He pays and leaves and as he's walking away I couldn't help but watch. Sure enough. He has the Huggy Bear swagger right out of the old Starsky and Hutch TV show.

Do you think I could get the attention of a single cashier to be a witness? No.
I'll tell you, telepathy doesn't work when you need it.

Oh well, at least the next customer in line saw him and agreed that the outfit was a little over the top.