Friday, July 25, 2008


Its something you have to deal with. I just get so very angry. I could probably HURT someone if I caught them stealing.

I was working on Monday at register 4 when I heard a bit of a commotion. Not much, just enough to make you look up. All the men that work in the store were at the front and seemed to be following someone. Short story: they got the meat back. Turned out a young couple had stolen one of our recycle bags and proceeded to fill it with choice cuts from the meat counter. In total, it was almost $300.00 worth. The got away but we kept our product. Whether the men got the license number I don't know, but I sure hope so.

I found that I was really bothered by the attempt for the rest of my shift and even when I got home I could have throttled the thieves if someone had shown them to me.

I once, ONCE, as a kid stole a little white plastic horse from The Bay at Eglinton Square. I never, ever enjoyed that toy. I always felt like someone was going to come knocking on the door and tell my parents what a terrible person I was and that I should be drawn and quartered, and tarred and feathered, made to go to bed with out supper, disowned, put up for adoption, and any other myriad consequences from my life as a criminal.

I am so disgustingly honest now that it almost hurts. I can see where people may be hungry or what ever, but you CAN'T steal stuff! Its just not right.

They obviously didn't think anyone was watching. Just goes to show that criminals really are STUPID.

The first winner is in for the speedy cashier award. Not me. Oh well, although the gift certificate and the little paper award is nice. Just have to try for next time. I have enough hours this week that maybe I can get it. Hardly any hours next week. We are going to Gettysburg, PA for a little trip and I am really looking forward to it.


Friday, July 18, 2008


So yesterday was hot enough to fry the proverbial egg on the sidewalk. (nobody tried and I know it can't REALLY be done, but you get the picture).

Funny thing was the store is no longer as 'cold' as it was last month. Suddenly, its 'nice' in here. What really helps is that because of the cooler air there is actually oxygen that you can use to breathe with. You remember, that nice clear stuff we used to fill our lungs with?

On break time I went outside to remind myself of how cool it was inside. I don't like the heat at the best of times and 70 (yes its Fahrenheit, I'm old) is warm for me. I should be working in the freezer. Anything over 60 is too warm. I still figure that I was an Eskimo in a previous life. Or maybe a penguin.

Whatever, on days like yesterday I am very glad to work here.

Case in point: I am usually very good at showing up for work on time. In fact I am normally early. Well, Hubby bought me a present the other day.

I bet you're thinking flowers or jewelry, right? WRONG!

My Hubby likes to get me strange things that I actually find pleasure in. (maybe I'm the strange one). Once it was a new snow scoop, another time a new rake. (drooling yet?)

This one was a new BBQ. You know.... the kind you assemble yourself and then add charcoal to and throw a match on? We figured a few years ago, when the propane BB Q's all came out, that if we bought one of these every two years it would be cheaper than the fancy, shmantzy kind over time. So far its true. We are only out about $100.00 and the charcoal lasts a long time because, cheapskate that I can be, I let it dry and reuse it. PLUS, when I am out walking the dog I pick up small hunks of wood and branches that come home, get dried and are then used to start the fire.

UGGHH ..... Fire

SOOOOOOO, I was sitting outside, melting and sweltering and just about to throw the match when the phone rang.


"Why aren't you here?"

"Because I work tomorrow."

"No, you're supposed to be here for 3:30 today and have tomorrow off?"



"Well, then I better get the uniform on and come in."

Chuckle "Thanks."

Turns out there must be something in that oxygen at the store, because when I got there one girl who was supposed to work the next day came in a day early, one thought she started two hours later and had to be called and one was sitting at home, melting over a bbq pit.

It all got sorted out, (Yappy covered for me till I got there and when I thanked her she grunted. I think that's good.)

Anyway, had the obligatory nut that can't count to 8, and the customer that gives the curse by saying "I can't get over how quiet it is in here!"


Sure enough within twenty minutes all hell broke loose. They were lined up back to bakery. No one sorry to be waiting though. They DID like the coolness of the line.


One last thing. Apparently I was in rare form. One customer said they should give me a microphone and pump it through the store. A couple of others actually agreed.

Just what I need a bigger audience.

Got to go and deflate the ego.

See ya!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Check-Out Speed

Our stores are having a check-out contest. Its for speed and accuracy. The winner could get a week off work with pay!!

We are automatically entered and just have to do the job the best we can and see what happens.

Last night I was on express again. Had two women come through with a small order and two kaisers in each of two bags. We sell a lot of buns and things there so sometimes its hard to know which ones they have. But kaisers are unmistakable. I even asked if that's what they were and was told yes.

I rang them through, collected the money and they left. So I thought! They actually went back over to bakery and then came back and asked to speak to customer service. I asked what was wrong and they said "you rang these in wrong. They are French rolls." I didn't think so but apologized right away and said that I could do it as it was only a refund of a few cents. The second woman by now is starting to complain about the cost of things in the store and why would she pay that amount for buns when she could get them at (the enemy) for less. I asked that the first woman just put her name and phone number on the refund sheet and I could give her the money so she could be on her way. ( I have been told to do that since day one)

She looks at it like I'm handing her a live grenade. (hmmm) Anyway, she says "I'm not comfortable with signing that or especially giving you my phone number." (WTF) Okay, I say I'll call customer service but she's going to have you do the same thing.

Head cashier comes out and says that she didn't have to give her number. "Well, she said we HAD to."


They are still muttering about how I tried to rip them off and things are so expensive here. Second is walking over and looking at stuff and saying "like, look how much this is. I can get it for blah, blah, blah over at the enemies."

So head cashier rings in the "French rolls" as small kaisers, because they have magically turned into that. They were NOT SMALL KAISERS.

After they leave, I here Head cashier muttering about "if stuff is so expensive then what are you doing shopping here?" I told her I agreed and hopefully they won't be back. They had such negative air around them.

They never said, at the time, that I charged them wrong. I asked if they were kaisers and was told they were, so I think the two of them are just miserable women that like to bitch.

Hopefully they won't come through the store again. Maybe we scared them away with our 'outrageous' prices.

The next customer was one of my regulars and commented about how negative they were. He asked if I'd keep my eyes open for them again and ban them from my line. I said no, the way I get even is they go in the blog.

This was in the first half hour I was there last night. Then ten minutes later doesn't some woman come up with a buggy load of stuff and start piling it on the counter. I didn't even say anything. I didn't know whether I wanted to get into it with another customer that can't count or to just figure that the rules didn't apply to her and process the order. So that is what I did. I put the stuff through. She never acknowledged me. No thank you or I'm sorry or anything. I took her money and sent her on her way with a big circle on her receipt around the total of items she had. Probably won't even notice, but I don't care. She's in the blog and therefore not forgotten and will be watched for the next time around.

Well, I am off to get some knitting done for a friend of mine. Already made three pound cakes and got a load of laundry out today.

Day off so I am 'relaxing'.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Customers. Part 2

I don't know if I would do this job if it weren't for some of my customers.

I didn't know it as a kid but I am apparently a 'people' person. I love to chat with them, impart some of my 'wisdom' or 'knowledge'. I love hearing what they have to say and I really enjoy being a ham. (appropriate for a grocery store)

I discovered that I like ' performing' when I was the first female chairman of a Boy Scout Committee and found that as such I had to make the speech at the Father and Son dinner. I know you won't believe this, but as a kid I was painfully shy. I still had some trouble speaking up to others and the Committee meetings helped me gain confidence. But that dinner!!

For days before I was nervous and scared and unsure of what to say or do. The night came and I opened with some joke about picturing people in their underwear in order to not feel nervous. I then said that "I did that before I left and decided to come show up anyway." Well, I got a laugh and that was it. I was in love with being the centre of attention.

Which leads me to kibbutzing with customers. For those few minutes I have a captive audience.
I like to think I can judge people pretty well and know just how far I can push the envelope. Or when to hold back and listen.

They are wonderful people that come to our store. There is this lovely gentleman, must be in his late 70's early 80's. He has the kindest face. I once asked him if he was a grandpa. He asked me why and I told him that he had the kindest face and looked like he would be a terrific grandpa to have. He will wait in line to come through my register. He always buys a few items for the food bank and always a case of water for the people that, as he says, "work with him" at his house. I don't know the complete story but he looks after his wife at home.
I wish you could meet this gentleman. He is so ...... lovely. I must ask him his name. Out of respect I want to be able to greet him properly.

I have another gentleman that came in one evening a few months back and I could tell something was wrong. I asked if he was okay and he said he had been feeling a little depressed lately. I was concerned as I suffer from depression and will be on medication the rest of my life. I talked to him a little and asked if there was anything I could do. I tried to advise him to make sure that he kept an eye on his thoughts and feelings and to go to the doctor about it if he felt worse.

Then I didn't see him for almost three weeks. The thing is, its hard to ask the other cashiers if they had seen him as he is an everyday kind of person. I was worried and told him that when I next saw him. He was in much better spirits and was so touched that I had been wondering about him. He doesn't stand out from the crowd. He is kind of handsome and has a real twinkle in his eyes. He is about 6 feet tall and average build. So how to you differentiate him from the other customers when you want to ask after him?

Same as most of our customers. They are all pretty normal, both in appearance and mannerisms. Sure we have the 'problem customers' that get written about most often here. They are the ones that stand out, whether because of attitude, appearance or inability to count. But most of them are just wonderful. Come to think of it, for the most part it is the older (over 40) ones that are pleasant to deal with. There are some younger ones that aren't bad, but they do seem to have a certain lack of courtesy? Politeness? Tolerance?

Had a lady 2 registers over yesterday being very loud and nasty to her 10(?) year old daughter. If the kid is giving you problems then deal with it. BUT the venom that spewed forth and the vehemence with which it was spoken made me feel very bad for the girl. I believe in discipline or basically not taking crap from anyone, but I DO NOT think that ANYTHING like mistakes etc, should be pointed out in front of others. Whether they be strangers, family, friend or foe. It is cruel and unkind and extremely embarrassing and humiliating to the person getting beaked off at. Plus it makes you look like a piece of s---!

That's it for now.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Different Job Today

I was fortunate enough to get to work at Julie's Tent Sale today.

To a knitter there is nothing like playing with box after box after box of GORGEOUS yarns.

I even get to be paid in yarn!! I mean can you ask for anything more?

I get to go back tomorrow and help a little more.


We are starting to get renovations done at the store. Rumour has it that the courtesy counter will be gone to be replaced with another express that will handle those issues as well as Western Union.

Also, I heard that our self serve salad bar may go. Now THAT is a HUGE mistake. We have a lot of elderly people that come in the store and don't need a whole head of lettuce or a whole pepper or whatever. Several of them find it better to buy the little bits of fruit and vegetables they need from the salad bar.

That way, they have the quantity they need plus they buy it fresh every day. Nope, NOT a good idea.