Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Well, where the heck have YOU been?

I know, I know.

I haven't written in months. A lot has happened to me since last I wrote, so I'll attempt to get you caught up.

 * * * * *

I guess I'll backtrack. First off, the end of July was very interesting in my life. The hubby's band was paying two gigs out on the East Coast; PEI and New Brunswick. I dropped him off at the airport, waited until they left and went home. At about 11:45 am, I sat down to have some lunch and suddenly got a chill. I thought it odd as it was bleeding hot outside.

I'd had my ankles crossed, so I moved my legs, and upon doing so noticed my ankle was extremely painful. I put on a sweater coat and wrapped a blanket around me and still the teeth were chattering.

I decided to go upstairs for a while. Upon reaching the second level I went to the bedroom where I sort of laid down/fell onto the bed. I tried to push myself up by the arms and just didn't have the strength. Later, I got up and went up to the loft, still not suspecting anything was too wrong. I noticed I was very dizzy and unsteady on my feet. I sat down to watch tv and noticed that it was about 4 or 5 hours later than it should have been??????

Couldn't really register that as a problem other than it did stick in my mind. The phone rang and thinking it was my husband I got up to answer it. As I picked up the receiver I felt like someone had pulled the chair out from under me and over I go. Hit my head and several other places but still had the phone in my hand. I say hello. Now bear in mind that the person on the other end had to have heard the commotion as I went down. She says, "Hi, how are you?"

I say not too good. I just fell.

"Oh. Well, would you like to buy .........." at which point I sighed and said 'no'.

I managed to get up and thought that for this I better go to the hospital. Off to the music room where the computer and a phone are. Get on the computer and write to my girlfriend to ask her if she could drive me to the hospital. It is now about eight at night and don't expect to hear from her right away as like me, she is an early riser which means an early to bed person as well. (As it later turned out she had been so tired that night she'd gone to bed early. She was very upset the next morning about missing the message.)

As I am sitting at the computer feeling more and more befuddled, the phone rings again. Its my husband and when I tell him that I am going to take a cab to the hospital because of what's going on, he says he'll come home. I asked him to stay there and finish the trip and explained that I was pretty sure I'd be in the hospital where he couldn't do anything anyway.

I called a cab and waited on the front porch for him. He was here in a few minutes and I was so glad to see him. He was kind enough to stop part way along to allow me to throw up. (THAT'S a nice cab driver.)

I get to the hospital and take a number to wait. They get to me within five minutes and she takes my temp and asks come questions. I go back out to wait for some one to come get me, figuring it will be a while as there were three stretcher cases there. Well, I no sooner sat down than they called my name. I staggered over to the orderly and followed him to a room. I remember I had to hold the wall to feel secure in walking.

He gets me in the room and then everything happened pretty fast. They actually helped me get my clothes off. I wrap myself in blankets as I am freezing again. They took my temp again and within moments this lady doctor comes in, says "there's part of the problem!" and proceeds to uncover me. "When you're that hot you only make it worse by covering up. You keep the heat in which we don't want."

Maybe you don't, but I want to keep the cold out ! ! ! ! !  I'm freakin' freezing here!

And THAT was when I found out I had a temp of 103.8F ! ! ! ! ! !
Your brain doesn't function very well over 102 and at 104 you are only one degree away from heat stroke level ! ! ! ! ! 

That's a long enough story for 3AM.

More later.

PS. Merry Belated Christmas :-)