Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wow, who'd of thunk it????

I actually had to take today off as well. Headache that won't go away, dizzy, congestion, cough, puberty-voice = good call.

Good news is that I picked up a shift on Saturday to make up for it. This way I'll only be short 3 hours instead of 8.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Short Post Today Part 2

Well, I actually got smart enough to call in sick!!

Yes, me, the Unknown Cashier called in sick for maybe the third time in two years. I feel like H E L L and just the thought of standing there serving customers for four hours was all I could take. I knew I didn't have it in me today.

So off to bed for the UC. Hopefully I feel a little better tomorrow.

Short Post Today

So I went to work yesterday with the start of a cold. First off, I get there and can't punch in. Okay I get sent to number 4. I'm there a bout ten minutes when i see the schedule book and take a look. Turns out for some silly reason I was a half hour early. Down side of that is I will have to stay a half hour longer than I thought.

So this cold thing: what happens to me is that my voice sounds like a boy going through puberty. Its up, its down, its cracking all over the place. Usually that lasts for a day or so and I am better. Well, woke up this morning feeling like crap. My voice is now in the low bass, Kathleen Turner range, and I have the sniffles. I will go in today because I'm stupid and will take my hand sanitizer with me (as I did yesterday). I'll get sympathy votes and some people thinking 'why didn't you just stay home'.

SORRY, just can't do it.

Saw a lot of my other regulars due to the fact that it was a day time shift. They were amused at the sound of my voice.

The new courtesy counter has gone in. Seems awful big to me. It could have been half the size and been plenty big enough for us. It looks like a place that is going to collect junk. I hope not. Also the cigarettes are still locked up in the office. It would be SSSSOOOOO nice if we just didn't sell them anymore.

Anyway, that's it for today.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Signs and doors

Well, the bracket for the sign has gone up. I guess it won't be long now. Several people sad to hear we won't be called by our original name anymore. But several people looking forward to the change. (Personally I think they are looking forward to it all being done!)

I wonder why it is that when I have days off I end up in the store buying things I have forgotten. I stand there for over four hours and have people coming through buying the very items I need, but at the end of shift go home and realize I didn't get what I needed. then I end up like yesterday being in the store at 10 after 7 in the morning and then again at 3:15pm.

I think part of it is that the store is a lot easier to get in and out of. The enemies parking lot has got to be one of the worst to navigate. Also their freaking store is way too spread out and not enough selection. Can you believe that for a store that is almost twice the size of ours they do not sell lactose free milk???

Our parking lot is pretty good but there are still some schmucks that drive through. We have a couple of stop signs there because you enter the parking lot right where there is a side parking space. Cars exiting there have to stop or they'll smack into those entering the lot. I often time see people that just slow down (better than nothing) but there are those that not only don't slow down but that don't even look.

One day............

In some ways they are making the store too modern looking. I think you can lose some of the, I don't know, comfortableness (sp).

We do not have a lot of people that come in and just mosey around and stop others from shopping but on the other side those that wish to rush through, can. I know for myself the most important part of my shopping experience is quality, both in product and my experience in the store.

I was hoping the entrance was going be changed a little but it looks like it won't. At least they have our other door open again and people can once more go back to old habits.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Registers - NOT, New Sign - YES

They are in the process of putting up our new sign. While they are doing that they have one of our doors closed off. That means that people can only come and go through one entrance. Now, the cool thing is, I have watched people walk up to the FENCE that is surrounding the door (sticking out quite far into the parking lot, I might add) look at the fence like what the heck is that doing here, and walk around to the other door. They then come in, do some shopping and go to leave by said blocked off doorway. The look of surprise to find that you not only can't get IN but, you that you can't get out either is priceless.

Its not like you can't see there is no way to exit. There is a rack of gumball machines and a shelf of goods five feet tall across the door. I don't know, I guess they are just occupied with their shopping and forget, or they think the new sign has gone up and the fence pulled down already.

Another thing. They took away our candy/magazine racks to be painted. Now they are usually at the end of the register and sort of form the partitions along with the register assembly. At first it was strange being all open and everything. But within half an hour we decided we like it better. It makes the front more open, the customers can see us easier, we can seem them coming, there is not a lot of space taken up with dust collectors and nobody standing there reading a magazine and blocking the entrance to my register.

Had a few complaints about items:

Where is the olive bar?
Why has EVERYTHING gone up a dollar?
There is less produce.
Everything is moved.
Can't find anything.
the salad containers are in a stupid location (they are just above floor level under the salad bar)
there aren't any rubber bands for the salad containers

There have been several people saying that they like the way the store is looking.

Oh, yeah. The other day I got called into work (my day off, but I didn't mind). When I get there, there is a sign on the door saying that the debit card system is down but credit cards are working and of course we'll take cash.

Interesting thing: Of the people that came in while this was going on and did NOT know the debit cards were not working 100% were young people (teens). There were signs on the doors and at the end of EVERY register. When I asked them if they were using debit, because I don't want to have to void out the order they were surprised to find they couldn't use them. Now I feel some what sorry for them, because I think they get sent off to school with the card and access to Mommy and Daddy's account and that is how they get lunch or snacks, etc. They don't seem to ever carry cash and will use the card for items as low as $1.25. I am also surprised at the ones when they DO have cash, will walk away and leave the change behind. I can understand pennies, but 30 and 40 cents at a time! Do they not realize that you only need do that 2 or 3 times and you have a dollar? Granted that doesn't buy much but, heck, even the pennies add up.

Anyway, turns out it was a nationwide problem and, as usual, some schmuck decided to do an upgrade in the DAYtime and there was a glitch in the program. Have these people never heard of "after dark", when MOST people are asleep and not using the system??

Well, off to bed. Have to go in tomorrow. We'll see what else is changed.

Oh yeah, about the registers. Looks like we are just getting a paint job on them. No new equipment. So bye bye to the open look.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Long Time - No See

Well, I should be ashamed I guess for leaving everyone hanging for more than ten days without any entertainment.

The store is coming along pretty well. More and more compliments coming in but also concern that the shelves seem empty. I'm hoping that once the major renovation stuff is done that we'll start having more product on the shelves. Its nice that they made it able to hold more but it looks a little bad that there are so many blank spots. Of course that is probably also being held up by the renovation stuff. I guess it means less items to move.

OH, and we have doors on our frozen foods now! before we had the older kind where the product was easy to reach in a cooler sort of thing. It also meant that the cold air could overflow and roll across the floor keeping the whole area cool. Hopefully there'll be less complaints about the temperature now that we have doors.

AND...... One day last week, when I had the day off, I had to drive by and saw a big crane there. I am pretty sure a new heating/cooling system was hoisted up.

I have not been in the store for three days. It will be interesting to see what has changed this rime.


So nice. Except this week I only have three shifts which is okay but I'd really like to have four. I have to find out how I can claim a shift from someone. I had it done to me when I first worked there and there is a shift I could do that someone else with less seniority has. So I'll ask when I get there today.

The princess was okay for a while but man, she doesn't have any freaking common sense. We were VERY busy last week and customers lined up. There were two cashiers besides myself on duty. She saunters over and asks me if I know where Head Cashier is. I said I didn't know and she says well we have lots of customers, I think we need someone else on. I suggested she page.

Now, rather than do that or just keep working, she strolls outside looking for the HC, who is on break, to help and tells them that "we're busy". She left her register with a line up!!!!!!!

WTF! you couldn't move your ass a little faster? You can't pick up your pace a little and work harder? You can't wipe that sulking look off your kisser?

I DO NOT blame the head cashiers in any way. It is very hard to know when we will be busy and it happened to almost be the time for the next cashier to come on duty, anyway. Now on the Sunday before Thanksgiving we were all set for lots of customers and they didn't show. Yet, the three days after Thanksgiving we were very, very busy. In that case we work a little harder and the HC comes out and goes on cash as well.

BUT, the interesting thing about the store is that one minute there are no customers and then suddenly there are lots of them. Its like they collect somewhere and then make a dash for the registers. You can be standing there wondering how many times you can clean the belt and the next thing you know there's a MOB at your register wanting to get home and make supper.

We have some new employees that appear to be working out. I hope so. Maybe some of the not so good ones can be replaced. Like, why are we putting up with someone who is consistently late?? And someone who makes it obvious they don't want to be here and will read a magazine rather than help customers and couldn't move fast if their ass was on fire?

Also, one day last week, one of our own employees is walking around in a grocery store carrying a dog. A DOG!! I love dogs BUT they are not allowed in GROCERY stores. ONLY A SERVICE DOG'S PAWS CAN CROSS OUR THRESHOLD!! When I confronted said employee they said they knew they couldn't bring a dog in and then went out side with it. What if I hadn't said anything? Would they have just kept on going around the store? What if the manager had actually been there and seen it? Probably would have cost them the job.

Oh crap, wait a minute. I could have solved a couple of problems there by not saying anything.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Finally, Compliments

Well, things have worked out okay as far as me and my bad times last week. I ended up taking the Friday off rather than work from 4 to 8. I was going to switch with one girl and take her 3:30 to 7:30 but an appt I had was changed to a little later time so it was best to just give the shift away. I don't like being short on my hours, but what can you do.

Also, I was so full of it and not going to work and stuff. Yeah , right. I worked from 4 till 8 pm on the Wednesday night and didn't turn into a pumpkin or anything. i wasn't happy about it and the shift seemed very long as I am used to breaks at a certain time and leaving at 7:30. Oh well, hopefully it won't happen again.

Again, I would not want to be the one making up the schedule. But you know I am a little worried about HC. She doesn't seem herself lately and she seems to be so thin. I really like HC and like to spoil her with treats. But I also don't think I can say anything to her. I think HC's tough and doesn't let people close to her easily. So I'll just keep bringing goodies.

Finally, on Saturday, customers started to say positive things about the store. They were complimentary about the way it looks and that the product selection is nice. They like the way the produce is displayed now.

Having new shelving in a black seems to make everything stand out more. Still a few complaints about the salad bar, (lettuce wilting, dressing on everything(?)) but most are glad that its back.

Its so nice to have bottles and cans come through now where we don't have to wipe the dust off them. I don't like to have dirty hands when I'm handling people's groceries and it was getting to where you were having to clean them after every three or four orders and after every order that had cans or bottles.

I'm also VERY glad that that crew that was hired to move stuff is gone. They were sort of rude without realizing they were. They would do their job but didn't interact with the customers or try to help them or move out of their way. Okay, maybe one or two of them did, but for the most part, no. Anyway, they're gone now, they did a good job and they have left the building.

I think there is some renovation going on in the back of the store now and then they'll be done. There is still some touch up that needs doing like the wall in bakery and near the offices, but for the most part....done.

I'll be glad when they get a sign up over us too. Right now if a stranger to the area drives by they have no idea what we are.

Oh yeah, had several people over the past few days say how much they DON'T like the store over the highway. (Not mentioning any names but they are the enemy.)