Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You say its your birthday

Well it is.

Today I turned 59.


When the hell did that happen? I don't feel like I'm 59.
Although, I must be if I have been knitting for just over 50 years.

Anyway, I should have taken the day off. I am down today for some reason, whether its the age or the rainy day. I don't know.

* * * * *

I still like most of my customers. I say most because there are still some whack jobs out there. Two ladies the other day. One putting the groceries up and the other wandering away doing more shopping. I ask the first lady if she want's bags. "Sure". Okay, I start to bag and ring through and am minding my own business, when the first one returns.


For a second I had to stop and think who she was because I didn't realize they had switched positions. With the tone of voice she used you'd have thought I just licked her packages or something. I take the stuff out and then I asked her if she wanted me to take the bags off the meat as well. Now THAT took a while to decide. Finally I just put them down and figured I'd continue with the rest of the order while she worked through her dilemma.

* * * * *

I have this lady who I know for a fact has a smoking machine for a husband and she may smoke as well. She never looks healthy and almost has a gray colour to her face. Anyway, she's friendly enough, but I absolutely hate having her come through the register because of the stench coming off her clothes. Its like an ashtray that has never been emptied. And for some reason she likes me so goes out of her way to come through my register. oh, yay!

* * * * *

Had to be 'talked' to the other day. I was over $50.00 on the tray which means there was a cash back that I didn't give. I think I know who it was but I also had two 'new' girls on either side of me that night and both had problems they needed help with. I am sure that it was during that time that my customer asked for the money. I rang it through and with the questions and the customer chatting with me I forgot to give it to her.

I was almost certain they'd come back for it. Too bad I can't remember the actual customer, just the situation. (damn)

* * * * *

I was away on vacation three weeks ago. Went to Gettysburg, PA again and just loved it. It was a nice rest and when I got back my knees weren't hurting at all. I was actually able to go up my stairs with ease. That has prompted me to cut my hours down to 16 - 17 per week. I also don't intend to work both days of a weekend anymore. That's what the young kids are for. I'd prefer not to work any weekends but that isn't practical. When I was a teenager working in a grocery store, I used to get the real early morning shifts and the evenings etc. All the stuff that the more mature people didn't want.

Well, now I'm one of those mature older people.