Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finally I have someone to replace The Princess

I knew if I waited I'd get something good. We have a DIVA ! ! ! !

I'm not sure if that's what I'll call her yet, but it will do for now. This job is a step down in authority for her and now that she is settling in she's getting a little more . . . . . . . . pushy? assertive? not sure what you'd call it.

But she is rubbing lots of people the wrong way. She even had some kids asking her where she got her mouth from.

Now I am not a small person, I'll reluctantly, but truthfully admit. And the area behind the register is not what you'd call huge. When it comes time to switch out shifts and the other person actually shows up to relieve you on time, you have a cross over period where both of you are at the register at the same time.

What would make you think, when you're at least as 'tall' as I am, that you can come into the space before I have moved out???????

I was trying to get my tray and space sorted out for the next cashier when the Diva showed up. All polite and all, but basically squeezing me out of the space. Trust me, I love my job, but I am anxious to go home. Give me a second and I'll be out of your way.

She also has a habit of asking you something for help, so you go to the register to help her and then she does it correctly anyway. Not sure why she needs all the attention, but there is something that really rubs me the wrong way about her.

* * * * *

The thief lady was in again, not two days after her previous attempt at trying to openly steal.

Last week she was at my register and pushed the buggy through after unloading. I recognize her because when she unloads her buggy, she likes to toss her groceries on the counter. I get the impression that she is trying to act 'innocent' and not draw attention to herself. Problem is that the way she treats the food items is exactly what draws my attention to her.

I was working on her stuff and saw some potatoes in the buggy. She said that I had already rung them in. I said no, or they'd be in the bag.
"Well, I already paid for them"
"You told me that I just rang them in so if you had paid for them, why do I have all this money in my hands.?"

I asked her if she wanted them and she said they were hers. I said not until you've paid for them, do you still want them? She said no.

So not two days later she goes through one of the new girls registers two over from me. I heard a bit of ruckus about some can of tuna and the cashier resolved that. (customer decided not to 'buy' the tuna) Then cashier finds an apple and asks the customer if she wants it.

The cashier turns to me and says the lady says she brought it in with her. I asked the lady why she would do that and if she did why would you and why wasn't it eaten already? Or at least started? Or better yet why not have it in your purse when you come in.

I told the cashier that either the customer pays for the apple or we'll keep it. The customer stopped arguing.

I then told head cashier about it and asked if they could get a picture of her so we could show the other cashiers? She talked to the manager about it and they saw her on the tape, but didn't have a chance to print it off as we were so busy.

* * * * *

Our competition has a saying that they are the store with a heart. Well, I just finished four days in a row and not one day went by without at least one person mentioning to me how they like our store. They don't like the way they are treated at the other store. They make you pay for bags there and then don't even bag for you.

We, another few more mature people, and myself get comments about how well we bag groceries. The young girls are not very good at it at all.

My thought is: why don't we capitalize on the fact that we are a more caring store. Just saying.

That does it for now. I'll have something else tomorrow.