Saturday, November 14, 2009

Customer Appreciation

Customer Appreciation:

Usually that means that we are nice to the customers and they keep coming back because we make them feel good about shopping in our store.

THIS TIME, I am using it to mean what I have been hearing from customers over the past several weeks.

(I have been told I am slow and at the same level on some items as 'new' cashiers. This hurts me as I can't see how it is true. Although how are you supposed to ring items in the correct way when you can't get anyone to answer a phone to do a price check or the item just WON'T scan or the bar code is too messed up to be read?)

Yes I'm a talkative person, and yes I take the time to bag items like meat and soap so they don't come in contact with other food products. So maybe that slows me down a bit?! But wouldn't it be more important to have customers enjoy shopping in our store? Wouldn't they like having someone that cares about the food they buy and taking the time and care to pack it properly? Also, we have an older clientele as well as the students from 3 or 4 schools in the area. The students are usually so absorbed in their own lives that they don't even take the time to be polite, but the older people like politeness and a caring individual.

Which brings me to the title of this thing. I have heard from more than ten customers this week alone about how they love to see me when they come in the store. They say I am always cheerful to them. They like the way I treat them and that I make them smile and make them glad they shop at our store. They like that I take such good care of their groceries. They have said they always look to see if I am here and then go to my register.

The interesting thing is that we have a bunch of new cashiers that have started over the last few weeks and that is precisely how long it has been that I have been getting these comments.

Co-incidence????? I think not.

Speaking of cashiers. Yesterday I worked with three other people that actually know how to work. They were people nearer my age and it made the job so much more fun. It is very hard to work when the other girls are always flitting around doing whatever it is they do. They are often talking about the latest thing that so and so did and not giving the customer their full attention. It also seems that when there are line ups I always have more people in my line and I get them through pretty fast.

The other day they had Slow Girl on the express and I had more people coming through my line commenting on it being quicker to go through my register than it was to wait in express. So I sort of had an 'express aisle south' happening.