Sunday, December 1, 2013

So, once again, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???

I apologize for anyone reading who may have missed my unique form of writing. Its been a hectic fall.

It was decently busy at the store and then things happened. On September 15th, I finally got an early Sunday morning shift. I was happy with that because you've got a shift in by noon and still have the rest of the day to do stuff.

Well I was only there about 90 minutes when I started to feel pretty lousy. I honestly thought I may be having a heart attack. I felt like I wanted to throw up so asked to have someone cover while I went to the washroom. Nothing.

I get back to the register, am there for maybe 20 minutes when I start to feel lousy again. I asked if they could get someone to cover for me. (Which sucks, you finally get what you wanted and you can't keep it.)

Anyway, I headed for home and then asked my hubby to take me to the hospital. Long story short, it was a kidney stone. NEVER had symptoms like THAT before. So they decide to admit me on a short stay. That means you're there for 72 hours and you get better or they fling you into a ward.

So off to my room I go about 11:30 at night. They keep checking on me because, as it turns out, my pulse rate is running at 42. Which is fantastic, if you compete in Triathlons.

They determine, after 71 hours, that that must be normal for me and no blood tests indicate a heart attack. So on September 18th, off home I go.

The following Wednesday, I get a call at 3:10 asking why I'm not there.
"Because I'm not scheduled."
   "Yes you are."
"No. I'm not."
   "Well, I'm looking at the schedule right now and it says you are."
"Well, I'm looking at the schedule right now and it says I'm not."
   "Well, you must have seen it before it was ready."
"Uh, no."
  "Well, we're stuck, its busy, and I have no one here."
"Well, its going to take me an hour to get there."
  "Okay, then get here as soon as you can."

So, I am thinking about the buses and decide to call a cab, seeing as its important that I get there. I'm getting ready to go and also getting pissed and grab my things to throw in a bag; and put a knitting needle right between the first and second finger of my right hand. It only went in a half inch or so, and it hurt but didn't bleed. That sort of had me concerned but what the heck and besides the cab is here.

I try to make it bleed on the way there and at various times through the evening. I kept wiping it with the antiseptic sheets we have at each register.

Later on they come to me to tell me because I was 'called in' I have the right to work the 4 hours.
An emphatic 'no' to that one.


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