Monday, September 29, 2014

Why I hate Rutabagas

Its only fair to keep your workplace clean. I mean people are buying food that they plan on consuming. And, yes, its theirs and how they handle it is their business. But, technically, its ours until they pay. That being said, we should always maintain as clean a surface as possible if for no other reason than it makes the belt and your immediate area look like you give a damn.

I, personally, think it disgusting when I go to buy my groceries and the work space, conveyer belt especially, is messy looking. And heaven only knows what stains those are!?

Spots on the belt and the scale drive me nuts. Milk is bad most meat and fish liquid should be wiped up ASAP. Luckily those are easy to clean up. But rutabagas. Some one had the bright idea to apply wax to those things.

I have a brand new, high tech, ultra sensitive scale for weighing produce on. Rutabagas always behave very nicely on the belt, but put one of those creatures on the scale and if it moves in the slightest, you have a wax mark on the glass. I know what it is, but the customer doesn't. So it becomes my mission to get that wax off there. It looks terrible from my side, and hopefully not as bad from their angle. But wax doesn't come off well with the types of cleaners provided for us to use.

We need Elbow Grease. It takes a lot of it, but it will still work.

Eventually. (thus the title)

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